2 best ways to generate risk-free passive income: Time-Framing & Futures Liquidity Pools



What is time framing?
The tech behind time-framing
How to time-frame an asset in the Chainge app


Futures Liquidity Pools

  1. Go to the Earn section on your main wealth screen
  2. Time-Frame half of your USDT (1000 USDT) and get your rewards instantly
  3. Go to Exchange -> Futures -> Add Liquidity
  4. Select the USDT/ TF-USDT pair and add your1000 TF-USDT + 1000 USDT
  5. Go to Exchange -> Pools -> Select the TF-USDT/USDT pool and tap on the gift icon to claim your incoming rewards any time you want.
full article can be found here: https://medium.com/the-birb-nest/earn-money-with-stablecoin-farming-on-chainge-finance-b032312237a3



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