All you need to know about the Chainge token (CHNG)

The Chainge token (CHNG) is issued on the FUSION Foundation blockchain — the only standard and the world’s first implementation of real Time Frame technology, FRC-758.

CHNG tokens started appearing as people signed up and became active users on the website. Subsequently, all fake or fraudulent accounts were excluded through our AI algorithm.

The final number of emitted CHNG was established at 814,670,050 tokens, of which 81,467,005 CHNG were earned by the community before the app release (and represents 10% of said total supply)

CHNG supply management

Chainge will quarterly buy back CHNG using 25% of the company profit, which means the more successful the company is, the more value the CHNG token has. This is again a unique aspect of the Chainge project. The more you promote and use its features, the more you will gain through the CHNG price increase. De facto, using 25% of the Chainge revenue to buy back and burn tokens implies that the CHNG holders share in the success of the company.

CHNG price fluctuations

The principle on which the CHNG price is thought out is to transparently reflect the balance of demand and supply. If more people sell, then the price will go lower. If more people buy, then naturally, the price will go higher. So, for anyone who wants to know what the CHNG price will be today, tomorrow or a year from now, the answer is that YOU get to determine it. If you want to sell CHNG for 0.06 USDT then it will surely be bought at that price by users who want to invest in the app’s capabilities and the future. Plus, we’ll be happy to get them at that price as well because it means we’ll get to burn more of the supply (with the 25% profit allocation previously mentioned), which in turn will benefit the true believers!

Also, please remember, that up and down price fluctuations — as we are listing CHNG on various exchanges and implementing new features in the Chainge app — are completely normal. Airdropers will sell and believers will buy. Just think about the journey Bitcoin had starting from $0 in 2009.

But the the point is that the more we develop the app and the more users start using it, the more the CHNG price will increase.

Another note-worthy thing to remember here is that this is a LONG-TERM project. We have a plan extended way into next year and the year after that. We will never stop improving and adding features to the app. This is a tech-based project that truly does hold weight in the blockchain world. (Unlike many other projects that are backed up by absolutely nothing but artificial hype that can disappear over night and leave people with holes in their wallets)

Long story short, the more successful Chainge is in the long-run, the richer CHNG holders will get.

No ICO. No private sale.

Chainge, unlike other projects on the market brings along huge advantages and empowers its final users to the max. Numerous currently available projects have a private sale or initial investment from private entities; which automatically implies that the starting price for a token cannot be too low because this would mean that the initial investors would lose money. But having these large amounts of coins in the hands of private sale participants also means that retail traders are at great risk so this does not work in the advantage of regular users. If one of these so called “whales” decides to sell all of his assets then the price will plummet instantly and all other holders will lose money.

With Chainge, that is impossible. Simply because no one has CHNG allocation; not even the Chainge team. Chainge basically hands over the right of price determination to the community. And we believe this to be the true spirit of the blockchain industry, with no advantages for the rich. A fair and equal opportunity presented to all who can see the potential behind the Chainge app.

How do I know if this project (or any other project) will be successful?

So, while some users are happy to gain a couple of $$ when they see a pumped up starting price, because of the ICO, remember that this is by no means to the users’ real advantage. In the long run the price is basically in the hands of whales who control the market and pose a huge risk to regular users.

So before investing in anything or trading just DO YOUR RESEARCH. This is the most valuable advice anyone could give you. Look at the tech, look at the backing product and the tokenomics. Read everything you can find on the project. Look at the long-term potential. Cause nothing worth while will make you rich overnight. There is no such thing. Good things take time. That’s the most basic law of the universe. Don’t make rash decisions and just use your logic to make rational, informed decisions. That is the true secret to success.

On what exchanges can you trade CHNG?

🔥 Bibox
🔥 Hotbit
And you will also be able to buy and sell CHNG in the 🔥DEX🔥 within the Chainge app

Where can you track CHNG price & performance?

🚀 Coin Market Cap
🚀 Lunar Crush
🚀 Blockfolio
🚀 Coin Gecko

And as a last remark: We do realise that for quick-win airdrop hunters who aren’t really interested in the true power of DeFi, (and usually sell for a couple of bucks) this is probably not exactly what they wished for; but true Chaingers, those who believe in us and in the strength of the financial revolution that Chainge is starting powered by the outstanding Fusion tech, well … we can confidently say they’ve hit the jackpot!

Go Chaingers!

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