Chainge: A Transformative Leap Forward in Decentralized Finance

2 min readDec 22, 2023

The moment has finally come… Chainge Finance is now Chainge! A transformative leap forward in our journey has just begun.

As Chainge, our first step has been nothing short of revolutionary. The journey began with an exciting announcement: the acquisition by Coded Fi Ltd, valuing Chainge at a $47 million valuation. This strategic move has set the stage for an exhilarating transformation in the DeFi realm

Joining powers with Coded Fi Ltd, we welcomed the visionary board members Najam Kidwai, Mike Lempres and ofcourse Dejun Qian. Their wealth of expertise promises a future of innovation and growth within the decentralized finance sector, aligning perfectly with our road map.

Dr. Najam Kidwai, Managing Partner at C1 Fund (a $500M Secondaries Fund focusing on companies in the Digital Assets space with global investments and a presence in Silicon Valley & UAE), Founder of Crypto 1 ETF and previously Chairman at Crypto 1 Acquisition Corp (a $230M Nasdaq Listed IPO)— joins forces with Mike Lempres, a seasoned professional who has chaired the Board of Directors at Silvergate Bank, held executive roles at A16Z, and served as Chief Legal & Risk Officer at Coinbase. Additionally, Dejun Qian, Chainge founder and a prominent figure in DeFi, further enriches this alliance, setting the stage for remarkable achievements within our endeavors.

Our commitment to pioneering comprehensive decentralized crypto trading solutions is unwavering. This strategic vision harmonizes seamlessly with our offerings, notably our decentralized wallet supporting an extensive range of 55 chains and our robust cross-chain aggregated swap infrastructure.

However, our evolution transcends the acquisition. We have embraced a new identity as “Chainge,” symbolizing a transformative leap forward.

💎 Chainge: a new beginning, a visionary path.

One Marketplace. All Crypto. has become our anthem as we emerged with a fresh look and renewed vigor. This rebranding signifies more than a mere change in name; it represents our commitment to innovation and our forward-thinking approach.

Our refreshed brand encapsulates the essence of a visionary future, promising our users a streamlined and enhanced crypto trading experience enabled by cutting edge tech. With our eyes set on the horizon, Chainge stands ready to deliver an all-encompassing product that simplifies and elevates the world of crypto trading.

This rebranding, coupled with our acquisition by Coded Fi Ltd, marks a momentous evolution in our journey. It signals an exciting era for our users worldwide, heralding a future characterized by innovation and unparalleled service.

🚀 Explore the new horizon with us!




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