Chainge Finance dApp 2.2.0.B live on Solana and Tron

2 min readJul 4, 2024


Exciting news, Chaingers! We’re thrilled to announce that version 2.2.0.B of our dApp is now live: This update brings significant infrastructure enhancements, UX improvements and even more robust trading features.

Here’s a detailed overview of what’s new in the latest 2.2.0.B dAapp version:

I. Infrastructure Enhancements

Solana and Tron Chains Integration

  • New Non-evm Chains Added: We’ve integrated support for Solana and Tron chains, enabling users to bridge and trade seamlessly across them, with access to the best available liquidity
  • Wallet Support: With the integration of Solana and Tron, we now support TronLink and Phantom wallets, enhancing our ecosystem’s versatility and user reach

II. Product Enhancements

II.1. Custom Tokens

  • Bug Fixes: Addressed several bugs to ensure smoother functionality.
  • Import Custom Tokens: Users can now import a custom token directly on the output card.
  • Chain Selection: Ability to select the import token’s chain directly in the import popup.
  • Improved Clarity: When trading custom tokens, the corresponding chain of the other trading pair is automatically switched to match the custom token’s chain, ensuring seamless transactions.

II.2. Slippage Features

  • Auto Slippage: Introducing automatic (default) slippage for every trading pair, simplifying the trading process.
  • Custom Slippage: Users can still input their own custom slippage, but this setting will only apply to a single trade. The Auto Slippage feature will handle most cases efficiently.
  • UI Improvements: Enhanced user interface for the Slippage selector for a better trading experience.

II.3. Miscellaneous Improvements

Wallet Enhancements:

  • Added a filtering system for the tokens list.
  • Introduced quick actions (Buy, Sell, Send, Receive, Import) for easier wallet management.
  • Improved wallet address visibility and the wallet’s chain selector.

Minimum Received Display: The minimum received amount is now linked to the slippage and is displayed in two places:

  • When hovering over the slippage, the tooltip shows the minimum received.
  • When initiating an order, the minimum received information is displayed.

Fee Display Improvement: The Chainge Service fee is fully transparent, now displaying the fee in percentages as well.

These updates mark a pivotal leap forward for Chainge, designed to elevate your trading experience to unprecedented heights. The addition of Solana and Tron support, marks the beginning our non-evm dApp journey. The introduction of Auto Slippage simplifies trading decisions, while enhancements to the wallet interface and fee transparency further streamline your journey.

Get ready to explore a better and better Chainge dApp that promises not just convenience, but a cutting-edge trading environment tailored to meet your every need when trading ANY token on ANY chain!

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