Chainge integrates’s Verse DEX

2 min readNov 21, 2022

On the quest to provide our 400,000 users with the highest liquidity and absolute best prices, the Chainge cross-chain liquidity aggregator integrates’s Verse DEX.

“DeFi is now more important than ever. Chainge aggregating liquidity from’s VERSE DEX is another step towards achieving mass decentralization which provides a much needed layer of security and transparency so that crypto users can rest assured the assets they operate are their OWN at all times while benefiting from top liquidity” — DJ Qian, Chainge Finance Founder & CEO

“The integration of’s VERSE DEX into Chainge’s aggregator is a logical step in the direction of providing users a safe, unified experience toward engaging with self-custodial products” — Dennis Jarvis, CEO

In a nutshell, the Chainge / — Verse DEX collaboration gives Chainge users access to more liquidity distributed across USDT, USDC and BTC trading pairs.

Overall, Chainge has currently listed over 1200 tokens/coins which users can operate without having to bridge them to any specific chain. All while resting assured they get the best trading prices for their swaps, thanks to the cross-chain aggregation abilities of the Chainge smart router (across 10 chains & 22 DEXs + 3 aggregators: Chainge native aggregator, 1inch and Openocean)

About Chainge Finance

Chainge Finance is a next generation DeFi app that stands as the most liquid cross-chain DEX aggregator on the market. Chainge provides various crypto management tools such as a cross-chain wallet integrating 30+ (EVM & non-EVM compatible) chains so that users can seamlessly swap, send and receive crypto assets across networks + an Escrow Module, a Margin trading module, a Futures DEX, and the very first decentralized Options DEX — all powered and secured by the Fusion DCRM technology:


The Verse DEX is a full-featured decentralized exchange that will be central to the ecosystem. It will work seamlessly with the self-custodial Wallet, providing millions of people with a simple but secure way to permissionlessly swap cryptocurrencies without having to rely on third-party custodians:




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