Chainge will become the most liquid Web3.0 Trading Venue on the crypto market. Period.

  1. The Chainge DEX algorithm searches the local database containing all DEXs integrated with the supported chains for the USDC & ETH pair
  2. Chainge finds the DEXs with the lowest slippage rates for the specific pair and determines the best chain(s) to transfer the assets to
  3. The assets are automatically sent to the target chain(s) and the pre-determined amount of USDC is split among the DEXs, then swapped
  4. The user receives the max amount of ETH he could possibly get for his USDC in a couple of minutes, outranking any other potential DEX involved in the operation
  1. Harsh limitations when it comes to multiple chains and assets, meaning that the existing aggregators usually aggregate liquidity from a single chain at a time and put at the users’ disposal a fairly low number of assets. Not to mention the basic routing algorithms that don’t actually return the best prices since they don’t access enough liquidity.
  2. These DEX aggregators still seriously lack in the UX department, users being forced to connect different wallets to the aggregator in order to use it and/or to manually swap or cross-chain their assets between different protocols which is time consuming.



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