Decentralized Perpetuals: Chainge Finance integrates GMX

2 min readNov 24, 2022

On the quest to provide our 400,000 users with the widest array of decentralized services, Chainge integrates with GMX — an A-grade Decentralized Perpetual Exchange which in turn is now empowered with cross-chain capabilities through Chainge Finance cross-chain roaming.

“The Chainge/GMX integration represents another step towards an efficient, cost-effective, all-encompassing DeFi ecosystem that rids traders of having to use overcomplicated centralized services. Colabs such as this build up the backbone of the rising web 3.0 as we combine 2 extraordinary technologies in the best interest of the end user” — DJ Qian, CEO Chainge Finance

“We are excited to see Chainge integrate GMX’s permissionless on-chain leverage trading contracts into their cross-chain DEX and wallet. It is this type of DeFi innovation that is only possible once users take control of their own assets, in their own personal wallet” — CoinflipCanada, GMX core contributor

The GMX collaboration gives Chainge app users access to a brand-new, user-friendly margin trading module through which they can now long or short BTC, ETH, UNI or LINK with just a couple of taps. All while resting assured they enter and exit positions with minimal spread and zero price impact.

In return, the Chainge/GMX integration boosts GMX on the interoperability front: the assets used to open a position in the Chainge app can be on any of our 30 integrated chains, so traders are no longer limited to Arbitrum and Avalanche.

Stay tuned for more materials, walkthroughs and Chainge news:

About GMX

GMX ( is a decentralized exchange for perpetual futures and low-fee spot swaps, whose users benefit from zero price impact trades. GMX uses Chainlink oracles to source dynamic pricing info from a variety of high-volume exchanges.

The exchange provides its trading and hedging services on Ethereum’s Layer-2 protocol Arbitrum and the Avalanche (AVAX) blockchains. More than three-quarters of the trading activity currently transpires on Arbitrum.

About Chainge

Chainge Finance is a next generation DeFi app that stands as the most liquid web3 trading venue on the market. Chainge provides various crypto management tools such as a cross-chain wallet integrating 30+ EVM & non-EVM compatible chains so that users can seamlessly swap, send and receive crypto assets across networks, an Escrow Module, a top DEX Aggregator, a Futures DEX, and the very first decentralized Options DEX — all powered and secured by the innovative Fusion DCRM technology.




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