Great day to be a Chainger: the CHNG token is getting listed!

Hello Chaingers!

It is with great pleasure that we announce the CHNG (Chainge Token) listing on Bibox Innovation Board on 6/16/2021.

I. Listing schedule

The Deposit function will be enabled: 6/15/2021 11:00 (UTC+8)

CHNG/BTC, CHNG/USDT trading pair and Grid Trading will be enabled: 6/16/2021 16:00 (UTC+8)

The Withdrawal function will be enabled: 6/16/2021 16:00 (UTC+8)

⚠️ Please take into consideration that the crypto market price will be volatile upon listing. Please trade cautiously after evaluating the market carefully ⚠️

II. What is Chainge all about?

Chainge is a unique Defi app that aims to empower people from all corners of the world to become their own digital bank. With Chainge’s automated financial services, users will have complete control over their wealth while enjoying 100% freedom & security.

The top-grade coding behind it all puts forth a smooth operational flow highlighted by a pristine user experience and never seen before capabilities. Chainge will unfold a fully decentralized universe and will bring true financial power back into the hands of the people. With no middlemen. No hassle. No limits.

Powered by Fusion DCRM technology, Chainge will provide cross chain interoperability in stealth mode: no matter the chain they have their assets on, the app will run all necessary processes in the background so that the end users benefit from a flawless experience and speedy transactions. In addition to the AMM Spot DEX users will soon discover the infinite potential behind The Futures DEX and the Options DEX.

III. Token information

The Chainge token (CHNG) is issued on the Fusion blockchain — the only standard and the world’s first implementation of real Time Frame technology, FRC-758

Each CHNG token was generated by people who signed up and became active users on the website. Subsequently, all fake or fraudulous accounts were excluded through our AI algorithm.

Total token supply: 814,670,050 CHNG

Total circulating supply: 81,467,005 CHNG

CHNG in circulation at this moment: 44,780,000 CHNG

CHNG supply management

Chainge will use quarterly 25% of the profits to buy back CHNG from theDEX and burn it. This means that CHNG holders virtually hold 25% of the Chainge shares, although CHNG holders do not receive any dividends. But, de facto, using 25% of the Chainge revenue to buy back and burn tokens implies that the holders share in the success of the company.

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Contract address:0xed0294dbd2a0e52a09c3f38a09f6e03de2c44fcf

Enjoy our app and let the exchanging begin!

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