How does Chainge Finance guarantee 100% security?

A bullet proof Chainge DEX

It’s common knowledge that users usually prefer keeping their assets, trading and cashing out in Centralized Exchanges because their ease of use. However, there have been many cases where people lost their assets or had their accounts blocked (and lost access to their assets) in CEXs

Why? There are several reasons.

1. If users keep assets in centralized exchanges, their assets are always in the centralized exchanges’ custody. We have seen over time so many exchange exit scams. They basically took all of the users’ assets and bailed. So remember, when you have your assets in a centralized exchange, even if you do have your private key, the assets aren’t really in your control.

In Chainge, the assets are always on your own address, and remain in your custody. We embrace DeFI first and foremost not for the sake of decentralization but for the users’ asset security.

2. When you trade in centralized exchanges, you might have seen prices pump and dump. Sometimes, they even halt trading. Or even worse, you might see there are numbers of tokens in selling books over the total supply - because all of those are just numbers in centralized exchanges databases. Intentional pumps and dumps cause forced liquidation of margin trading. That’s in our view something totally unacceptable in a fair market. Especially in the derivatives trading. The Chainge Derivatives DEX (futures & options) is the solution to avoiding all this unfairness and problems.

All trading tx in Chainge are transactions on public blockchains. Zero down time. All transactions are real transactions. Not just fictional numbers.

3. Users sometimes use bridges or exchanges to deal with cross chain transactions. You must have heard about the flash loan attack to smart contracts and even recently on Anyswap. But Chainge has invented the cross chain roaming service based on the Fusion DCRM tech. This algo is based on 4 top cryptographers’ paper. So, in our case, security is guaranteed by solid immutable math.

A rock solid APY service — The Earn feature

The earn feature is the safest way to earn existing on the market today. Why? Simple: because unlike any other APY service out there, when you use the Earn feature (by time framing) in the Chainge app, you’ll still get to keep your assets in your wallet with full ownership rights. On the opposite end we have regular deposits where you once again fully transfer the custody and ownership rights to a separate entity. To find out more about Time-framing and the Earn feature, you can check out the article here or the video below.

An unbreakable wallet — The encrypted Seed Phrase

The Chainge app is currently providing the most convenient and secure way to manage key phrases. Users can encrypt their tokens seed-phrase with their own password by generating a QR code. The QR code can be imported into Chainge by using the Chainge magic button to scan and decrypt the code using their password. The thing is that absolutely noone else can decrypt your QR code. And this is the main reason why your QR code can be stored on cell phones and any other public cloud service. Because even if someone else manages to find it, there is absolutely no way for them to decrypt it.

Cool right?

So bottom line Chaingers, if you want to actually be safe in a world where safety is rarely (almost never) guaranteed, it’s time you onboard Chainge and lead the way by our side towards true decentralization, freedom and a new level of security.

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