Introducing: the Chainge Hardware Cold Wallet &Virtual Credit Card

3 min readJan 20, 2023

Proud to announce the new version of the Chainge app that includes two much anticipated features:

1x Hardware Cold Wallet (available to order)
1x Visa Virtual Credit Card (quick and easy off-ramp solution)

Hardware Cold Wallet cost: 2000 CHNG
Credit Card cost: FREE

  1. The Chainge Hardware Cold Wallet powered by CompoSecure’s Arculus

In order to offer our users the best of the best, Chainge partnered up with one of the most prestigious premium financial card smanufactures in the world: Arculus by CompoSecure

The Chainge hardware wallet Key Card has a best-in-class CC EAL6+ Secure Element. It’s not connected to anything and if you lose it or it gets stolen, no one else can use it but you and you can easily replace it.

The Key card communicates with your wallet via a tap-to-transact secure NFC connection. No Bluetooth. No USB. No cords. Just security made simple.

Unlike other cold storage solutions, with the Chainge hardware wallet you don’t have to toggle between screens or push tiny buttons on a USB drive. You simply tap the sleek card to the back of your mobile device with Chainge app to enable transactions.

The hardware cold wallet is available to order now!
If you want more than one hardware cold wallet, you can order them for 2000 $CHNG / each.

2. The Visa Virtual Credit Card powered by Railone

The VISA Virtual Credit Card has global coverage and allows users to purchase any online goods and services that accept credit card payments, by exchanging crypto assets into the available fiat currency: $USD

Min top-up amount: 100 $USD
Spending limit: 20,000 $USD/ day

Commission scheme:

Deposit fee: 0% (1:1 ratio)
Banking fee: 1%/ transaction
Unpaid bill: 0.05% penalty/ day

Bills are issued on a monthly basis.

The credit added on the card can be reconverted to crypto & withdrawn back into the wallet at any time and is subject to a 2% service fee. Withdrawal will take 7 days to complete.

In order to get the virtual credit card, you’ll of course have to complete a basic KYC and afterwards you see it directly on the Chainge app dashboard.

⚠️ We were recently made aware Paypal and Google Pay compatibility might be DEPENDENT on geographical location. If you are experiencing issues in connecting your card to any of the 2 please contact Paypal or Google Pay. Also, make sure you wait 24 hours after the VISA cc is issued, before trying to connect it to Paypal or Google Pay.

To find out more about how the Chainge virtual CC works we advise you read this informative thread here:

And last but not least, we have another few exciting perks that come with the new version of the Chainge app:

  • Chaingers Refferal Program
    Refer friends and win rewards! You will gain 1% of all of your referees’ Credit Card credits annually. Which means 1/365 = 0.00274% of all your referees’ credits daily.
  • Dashboard slight touch-up, improving the UX
  • Korean and Portuguese languages available

All that’s left to do is download the new version of the Chainge Finance app and enjoy the newly added Black Label Package, the booming refferal program and of course the absolute best swap rates in the Chainge cross-chain aggregated DEX!

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