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A glimpse into the future reveals a new revolution. Where digital transformation and automation are taking the ropes, leading us at the speed of light towards financial digitization. Just imagine your money being digitized, unlocking amazing opportunities — to own, transfer and distribute value.

With no middlemen. No hassle. No bureaucracy. Technology, code and automation will break all ties with traditional banking and open up your way towards the future.

Build your own digital bank

At Chainge, our mission is to offer customized personal banking services through code and to make them accessible to the entire world. This will build new bridges to fill in the gaps between digital and conventional finance.

Using DCRM (Decentralized Control Rights Management), QS (Quantum Swap), TL (Time-Lock) and SCT (Smart Contract Template) tech, Chainge is offering bank level security, extremely low gas fees, flawless automation and customised financial services. To anyone, anywhere, unlocking a top notch user experience for everyone.

Early registration to the waiting list is now open and there are also multiple ways available for you to engage with us. Follow website to stay updated and be part of the unstoppable revolution.

How to engage with us

Step 1 — Sign in

Go to, click the Account button and choose one of the available options to Sign in. The process is straightforward and we don’t ask for password creation.

There are 2 ways you can sign in:

  • With social networks: You can sign in by connecting one of your social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter, WeChat, LinkedIn, Telegram and Toutiao.
  • With email address: You can use your email address to sign in and we will generate a unique access link, each time you login.

Please note that:

  1. A user can only have one account on, no matter what method they are using to sign in.
  2. We have designed a complex system which is able to detect multiple accounts created by the same person. Each time we identify an abuse of the system, we are going to merge the accounts and deduct the extra points gained up until that moment.
  3. According to the Terms and Conditions presented on the website, we also reserve our right to close the account of a user who is continuously or constantly trying to abuse our system.
  4. By creating an account on you agree with our Terms and Conditions.

Step 2 — Join the waiting list

The number one rule of joining the waiting list is to connect at least one social network to your account, or input a phone number.

If you opted to sign in using a social network account, we will redirect you to the homepage.

From there, go to Earn Points and choose the Waiting List option. Click the Join button and we will assign you a place on the waiting list. First came, first served.

If you opted to sign in via your email address, before joining the waiting list, you need to connect at least one social network or input your phone number. Without doing that, you won’t have access to the waiting list

Step 3 — Build your profile

We created a system that allows you to earn extra points. When the app launches, all your points will then be converted to CHNG tokens, at a 1:1 ratio.

Building your profile earns you points. You’ll read later in the article the options you have to get those points.

Building your full profile means:

  • Inputting your phone number
  • Connecting your email address (if you signed in with a social network)
  • Connect Facebook
  • Connect Twitter
  • Connect LinkedIn
  • Connect Telegram
  • Connect Toutiao
  • Connect WeChat
  • Input your Fusion address.

Step 4 — Refer us

In our referrals system, you can earn extra points by referring Chainge to friends.

Simply copy your unique link displayed under Earn Points — Referrals, share it on social networks and we will reward you points. You can also download a QR code image (containing your referral link) and share it on your own social networks. Use your influential power to onboard people and get more points.

Earning Points.

How much can I earn for each task?

Points awarded for joining the waiting list.
If you join our waiting list, we will reward you:
50 Points = 50 CHNG Tokens

Points awarded for building the profile.

For inputting the phone number
30 Points = 30 CHNG Tokens

For connecting your email address
5 Points = 5 CHNG Tokens
Note: If you sign up with your email address, then:
a. To join the waiting list, you need to connect at least one social network and/or input your phone number.
b. The 5 points for email sign up will be allocated to account only after at least one social network is connected.

For connecting Facebook
15 Points = 15 CHNG Tokens

For connecting Twitter
15 Points = 15 CHNG Tokens

For connecting LinkedIn
15 Points = 15 CHNG Tokens

For connecting Telegram
5 Points = 5 CHNG Tokens

For connecting Toutiao
15 Points = 15 CHNG Tokens

For connecting WeChat
15 Points = 15 CHNG Tokens

For inputting your Fusion address
30 Points = 30 CHNG Tokens

Points awarded for referring us.

Referring Chainge using the unique link (or QR code) we provide in the referrals page, will give you:

For each direct referral who joins our system (level 1 of referrals)
10 Points = 10 CHNG Tokens

For each friend of your friend who joins (level 2 of referrals)
3 Points = 3 CHNG Tokens

For each friend of a friend of your friend’s who joins (level 3 of referrals)
1 Point = 1 CHNG Token

Each of your friends who creates an account and joins the waiting list using a referral link will earn extra 5 Points = 5 CHNG Tokens.

Thank you for being by our side.

About Chainge

Chainge is the digital finance app that’s going to introduce the world to complete financial freedom. We provide bank level security, customised financial services, flawless automation, while offering a top-notch user experience for everyone.

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