Mobile App Maintenance: A Commitment to Your Experience

2 min readJan 22, 2024

At Chainge, we recognize that rare unscheduled maintenance periods can arise, driven by essential optimizations for transaction processing, node resynchronization, heightened security measures or on-the-spot bug fixing. While rare, these occurrences underscore our commitment to enhancing your overall experience.

What You Need to Know: Funds are always safe in your custody

During this maintenance period, you can easily monitor your assets through explorers or other self-custodial wallets by importing your seedphrase. Your assets securely and verifiably remain on chain at all times.

Ongoing Enhancements: As we work through this maintenance, we want to keep you informed about the improvements we are making:

Strengthening Security Measures:

  • Upholding the highest standards to ensure the utmost security for your assets.

Migration to Chainge 2.0 Smart Router:

  • Preparing for a seamless transition to the backend that will support the advanced solutions of Chainge 2.0

Optimising the HW Module and 2.0 Preparation:

  • Streamlining the hardware cold wallet module as they start being shipped and gearing up the app for new upcoming features.

Switching to a New Minter & Transitioning to New Smart Contracts:

  • Embracing a fresh start under new leadership for a more decentralized structure, moving towards a DAO

Preparing for New Tokenomics Implementation:

  • Anticipating the future with significant changes and enhancements to the $CHNG tokenomics for more utility and benefits for our users.

Our Pledge to you: We value transparency and are committed to updating you constantly while gradually unveiling details about the aforementioned changes. Anticipate the mobile to be back live within 10 business days, and stay tuned for an exciting AMA announcement with DJ Qian this week.

Thank you for your unwavering understanding and trust in Chainge. Your patience and trust are truly invaluable, as every action we take is dedicated to providing you with the best service.

Stay tuned for a better and enhanced Chainge experience.




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