Navigating the Chainge Migration

2 min readJan 29, 2024


Users holding $CHNG on CEXs:

If you hold $CHNG on MEXC or, simply wait for the reopening of deposits and withdrawals. When these services resume, your existing $CHNG will have already been converted to $XCHNG. No action is required on your part.

Users holding $CHNG in the Chainge wallet:

If you hold $CHNG in the Chainge Finance mobile app, no action is required on your part. Once the app is back live, all your CHNG will have already converted to $XCHNG - INCLUDING the ones in liquidity pools such as CHNG/USDT

Users holding $CHNG on other self-custodial wallets:

If you hold $CHNG in self-custodial wallets like Metamask, Bitget, TokenPocket, Trustwallet etc. all you need to do is import the new Fusion smart contract address: 0xaB1F7E5BF2587543FE41f268c59d35dA95f046e0 All your $CHNG (regardless of the chain you have them on) will have been converted to $XCHNG on the Fusion chain. If you wish to bridge $XCHNG to another chain — Ethereum or Arbitrum — you can seamlessly do so on the web dApp:

Users holding other assets on Fusion chain

If you hold any other assets (USDT, USDC, BTC, ETH etc) on Fusion chain, nothing changes except for the smart contract address. To import them in a self-custodial wallet, simply import the new smart contract address. If you wish to bridge them to another chain, you can seamlessly do so on the web dApp:

Important notes:

  1. The old $CHNG will be entirely burned
  2. Do NOT tap on any links or connect your wallets to any links provided by ANYONE. The entire migration process will happen automatically and all necessary actions or lack-thereof have been covered in this article
  3. The complete list of new smart contracts will be published as soon as the migration is complete

We appreciate your ongoing support and patience during this important step towards the future of Chainge!




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