NEW Contest! Chainge up your top 100 crypto KOLs

Contest rules:

  1. Pick your favourite crypto influencers/KOLs and make sure they have over 50,000 followers on Twitter. You can find our starting list HERE but you are free to fill in this google form with other influencers and we will add them to the list if they qualify - so you have the freedom of sending assets to any influencer you follow & appreciate.
  2. Connect your twitter account to the Chainge app and send your chosen influencers any amount & any type of assets via twitter handle
  3. After sending the assets, share the news with them on Twitter. You can do this by tapping the “share” button on your transaction confirmation screen.
  4. You can also comment on their posts or find other creative ways of reaching out to them so they know they should install the Chainge app & connect their Twitter account to claim the assets you’ve sent
  5. After the influencer downloaded the app, he/she HAS TO tweet about Chainge Finance in order for us to release the rewards to the users who have sent assets to them.

Winners, Prizes and Timing:

  • Prize pool: 100,000 CHNG/ influencer x 100 = 10,000,000 CHNG
  • In order for you to win, one of the influencers you sent assets to, HAS to FIRST download the Chainge app and THEN bind their twitter account and claim their assets. When both of those happen, we will confirm the influencer did indeed download the app + claimed their assets and all of the users who sent assets to that specific KOL, will be rewarded from the 100,000 CHNG prize pools allocated per influencer, proportionally to the value of the assets they sent.
  • The goal is to have 100 influencers/KOLs download the Chainge app to claim the assets sent by you via Twitter handle and share a tweet about Chainge Finance.
  • There is no minimum or maximum number of winners. All users who sent assets to a KOL before they download the Chainge app, will win.
  • This campaign will keep running indefinitely and we will keep announcing winners with each KOL who downloads the app, until we reach the 100 influencers target and exhaust our 10,000,000 CHNG prize pool
  • Winners have to send assets to the influencer BEFORE the influencer binds their twitter account in the app in order to qualify. Users who sent assets after the influencer has binded his/her twitter account will not qualify.

How can I increase my chances of winning?

  • Send assets via Twitter handle to as many influencers as possible. BUT pick them wisely and one approach would be to send them currencies they endorse to peak their interest (you can send any of the 90+ currencies listed in the Chainge app)
  • Share. Share. Share. Social media is your ultimate playground. Make sure the influencers you have sent assets to know they have received assets from you in the Chainge app and do your best to convince them to download the app relying on its groundbreaking features.
  • Share the contest with your friends, connections and family. The more users reach out to the influencers, the better the chances are they see the twitter comments/posts and download the app, thus, making you a winner
  • Depending on how much potential you see behind the influencers you’ve chosen, send them an according amount of assets to draw their attention.

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