🎉 NEW Contest! Submit a VIDEO or an ARTICLE & win up to 500 Time-Framed USDT

Since we value our users’ support, we want to make sure we always give back to the community. So, it’s time for a new contest!

If you installed the Chainge app you probably already noticed a couple of essential never-seen-before features.

1. Cross Chain in stealth mode

2. Earn (through Time-Framing)

And we think the best way to put forth and emphasise the true value of these amazing features is to ask our users to show us how they experience & understand them through a video or an article of their own making.

Competition Rules

  1. Your video / article has to be on one of two topics: the Earn feature OR Cross Chain in stealth mode
  2. You have complete freedom when it comes to the type of video or article you want to make: it can be a walkthrough / demo / inspirational / funny/ explainer / stock-footage edit / personal experience / animation / or even a recording or written story explaining in what ways these features have impressed you and how you feel about using them.
  3. Here’s some things you could (but are definitely not limited to) include:
  • what makes the earn and cross-chain in stealth mode features so great.
  • how and why you are using them
  • tech explanation and details (time-framing & cross chain interoperability)
  • use cases
  • why these features are different and innovative
  • the benefits these features bring now and in the future

5. The links you provide HAVE to be valid and not password protected.

6. Any submission that does not follow the rules will be automatically disqualified.

How do I submit my video or article?

You can submit your video by uploading it to one of the media channels below (or others you prefer)

· Your Youtube Channel

· Your WeChat Channel

· Your Tik Tok account

· Your Instagram account

You can submit your article by uploading it to one of the channels below (or others you prefer)

· Medium

· Wordpress

· Weibo

Then all you have to do is copy/paste the link to your material onto this Google form or to this MikeCRM Cloud form (if you are a China user). Don’t forget to fill in your personal info as well so we can get in touch in case you are one of the winners.


The competition starts now and will end on the 21th of July 2021 (12 pm UTC) & the winners will be announced on the 22nd of July 2021 via our Twitter channel & global Telegram group.


We will have 10 winners. We will select the top 10 “best videos & articles” and we will award them Time-Framed USDT as follows:

  1. Best ARTICLE will win 500 TF-USDT
  2. Best VIDEO will win 500 TF-USDT
  3. the other 8 winners will be awarded 100 TF-USDT each.

🎉 Your video or article might also be selected to be featured on our official Youtube channel or official Twitter account so you can get more exposure! So, don’t forget to share your article and/or video on your social media channels (twitter/instagram/twitter) and tag us.

Background info

Loads of information about the Earn feature can be found in our article here or our animation video here. You can also watch our Earn module walkthrough here.

As for the Cross chain in stealth mode feature it’s amazing simply because of its uniqueness. This level of interoperability can’t be found anywhere else. Cross-chain communication currently is extremely difficult, as well as developing cross-chain smart contracts. Right now, there are already thousands of tokens, but each token can only move freely on a single blockchain and form its own ecosystem of wallet, smart contract development tools, etc. The existing blockchain ecosystems actually are island ecosystems, and the Internet of Values is far from being truly interoperable. With Chainge all of that well.. changes. All cross-chain transactions will be done in the background — you don’t even have to know what chains your assets are on — the only thing you have to care about are the actual coins which you will be able to see centralised in your Chainge wallet.

Not to mention if both parties are Chainge users, when one is transferring BTC, ETH or any other coin with expensive gas or fees, the user only needs to pay a very low gas fee in FSN, which is around 0.0002 FSN (aprox 0.0001USD)

Aside from the info we provided, you can also do your own research and find out more about our features and the tech behind it.

Good luck Chaingers and looking forward to watching your videos!

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