Q&A — The Chainge app: gas fees & blockchain fees

  • SPOT DEX fee -> 0.1% to Chainge + 0.1% to LP;
  • Futures/Options DEX fee->0.4% to Chainge + 0.1% to LP;
  • Options exercising fee -> 1% to Chainge
  • Cross-chain fee -> 0 % to Chainge + blockchain fees in the blockchains’ native coins — goes to the specific blockchains’ miners
  • Blockchain fee -> variable depending on the blockchain you want to use
  • Escrow service fee -> 0.5% to Chainge (reduced to 0.3% when both parties use $CHNG as performance bonds)
  • FAST cross-chain transactions, no waiting time and no complicated network configurations
  • Full decentralisation, while with other services you get a “clone” asset (as in the case of CEXs) or a wrapped version of your asset which is not compatible with some of the other chains. In Chainge, you get the same asset you have ownership rights over, with 0 risk of losing it.
  • Performing MULTIPLE cross-chain transactions at a time, as opposite from other bridging services where you can make one single transaction.
  • Friendly UX and the possibility of moving assets from one chain to another even amongst the rarest of combinations including non-EVM compatible chains. While other bridging services cannot offer this level of interoperability. (Take USDC as an example — which can cross-chain roam among 17 chains within seconds)



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