September trading contest! Swap in the Chainge app and WIN!

Trade on the most liquid cross-chain aggregated DEX on the market and share 50,000 $TF-USDT

Prize pool & contest rules

This is what the live ranking on the website will look like
  1. Download the Chainge Finance mobile app from the Appstore or Playstore
  2. Setup your account with a couple of taps and send assets to your wallet
  3. Tap on “Exchange” on your main wealth screen and start trading!
  • The Chainge DEX aggregates liquidity from 20 active DEXs on the market, covering 9 chains. Chainge currently stands as the most liquid DEX aggregator on the market with over $70billion in aggregated liquidity. And that number keeps growing.
  • The cross-chain liquidity aggregator guarantees users get the best prices for their swaps with one tap and minimal transaction time.
  • The cross-chain swap pathfinder algorithm helps users split orders not only between DEXs but also across chains, in order to find the absolute best pricing available
  • Users can directly buy any crypto asset from any DEX on any integrated chain.
  • Users can swap without caring about the chain(s) their assets are on.
  • Users can rest assured they get the best trading prices (as they have the SUM liquidity from all 20 DEXs across 9 chains at their disposal. With more to be added soon



Your own DeFi universe in one app. Powered by cross-chain magic.

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