The Big Picture: From ETFs to All Assets on All Chains

3 min readMay 26, 2024


Just like ETFs simplify buying BTC or ETH, Chainge aims to make crypto trading easy and accessible, bringing maximum liquidity and mainstream participation to the market. In partnership with leading fiat on/off ramp service providers, we’re set to remove all barriers for users to buy and sell any token on any chain using fiat.

Connecting the Dots

We’re dilligently working to introduce several new features that will transform how users interact with crypto. These include: improved internal routing, integration of more decentralized exchanges (DEXs), support for new chains (including non-EVM chains), Natural Language Processing and a custom import feature in the upcoming Chainge dApp releases. Together, these enhancements position Chainge as the only platform capable of offering a truly seamless cross-chain trading experience.

Envisioning the Future

Imagine a new project, ABC, launching its token on a non-EVM chain. Despite the hype, project ABC isn’t listed on any centralized exchange or major DEX like Uniswap. Typically, acquiring such a token involves navigating a maze of steps, from finding a DEX with fiat on-ramp capabilities to manually bridging tokens across chains.

With Chainge, users can bypass this complexity. By aggregating DEX XYZ on said chain, Chainge allows users to trade tokens like ABC instantly by simply importing the custom token. This streamlined process means fewer clicks, less hassle and more efficient trading.

Making Crypto Accessible for Everyone

Our vision extends beyond just trading. With the integration of advanced AI, users will soon be able to execute the entire trading process using plain language commands and will have access to advanced AI-driven analytics tools that help optimize their trading startegy. This user-friendly approach ensures that even those new to crypto can navigate and utilize blockchain technology effortlessly.

Holistic Applications

Chainge’s enhanced features bring unprecedented convenience. Users will be able to purchase new tokens immediately upon their launch without dealing with multiple steps and platforms. This instant access to emerging tokens is a game-changer in the fast-paced digital asset world.

Moreover, integrating multiple DEXs and new chains allows users to diversify their portfolios easily, accessing a wider range of assets. This diversification is crucial for managing risk and maximizing returns in the volatile crypto market.

Bridging the Gap

Similar to how ETFs simplify buying BTC or ETH and attract more market participation, Chainge aims to do the same for all cryptocurrencies. By partnering with fiat on/off ramp service providers, we eliminate barriers to buying and selling any token on any chain with fiat. This democratizes access to digital assets, bringing unparalleled liquidity and ease of use.

Leveraging AI and University Partnerships

Our upcoming university partnership will provide access to cutting-edge AI tools, further enhancing our platform’s capabilities. This collaboration promises innovative AI-driven solutions that will make trading even more intuitive and efficient.

The Vision Unfolds

See the bigger picture? With every update, every backend tweak and every community feedback contribution, we’re steadily moving towards our goal of connecting all blockchains and all tokens. Navigating bridges and interoperability is complex, but Chainge is methodically connecting the dots, one by one.

Overcoming Market Challenges

While market fluctuations are beyond our control, our commitment to delivering on our promises isn’t. This is why Chainge was acquired at a $47 million valuation and why major investment funds are steadily starting to back Chainge. As long as we continue to deliver, today’s numbers won’t reflect tomorrow’s potential.


Chainge’s journey is just getting started and the potential for growth and innovation truly is immense. With the support of our partners and the dedication of our team, we’re poised to make a lasting impact on the crypto asset ecosystem. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to innovate and lead the way in AI-driven, cross-chain trading.

Join us as we simplify the world of crypto, making it accessible for everyone. The future of trading is here, and it’s looking brighter than ever with Chainge.

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