The Chainge brand upgrade — welcome to your home of DeFi

Let’s time-travel together 1 year into the past and watch Chainge’s first video

Where we are now: DeFi 2.0

  • Our current position in the DeFi space is as a full Defi 2.0 application or in other words the Home of Defi. We’ve accomplished this by resolving a few important issues that the DeFi 1.0 ecosystem was struggling with, such as: security, scalability, speed, interoperability, user experience, high gas fees and lack of diversity in terms of DeFi services.
  • Chainge is now the most inclusive financial-solution-oriented app in the DeFi space: setup a wallet on your phone instantly, send and receive assets with minimal costs involved, cross-chain roam 75+ assets among 13 chains, time-Frame and EARN, trade in the DEX: Spot, Futures & Options, write your own options, add liquidity in the Chainge DEX Pools and get passive income, Buy/sell any asset or service with the upcoming Decentralised Escrow — all of this while benefiting from the bullet proof security the DCRM tech ensures.
  • We still work 24/7 on perfecting and developing the Chainge app more and more as new possibilities and partnership opportunities arise. Which also implies we’re building a more business-ready, developer friendly structure and a better, stronger representation of our cross-chain innovation DNA.
Our progress so far

Where we are heading: DeFi 3.0

  • Chainge is now speeding ahead towards DeFi 3.0 - which aims to solve even more issues for users and offer a wide range of new financial solutions. Chainge will also further improve the visual and user experience until our app will be as easy and intuitive to use as your own e-mail.
  • These elements combined will give birth to a new dimension in people’s financial lives and create a new interface of the cryptoverse accessible to anyone, with no limitations and infinite possibilities.
  • In short, we’re redefining what self-banking means as we’re aiming to provide a comprehensive white label service as a basis for the upcoming digital world.



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