The Chainge brand upgrade — welcome to your home of DeFi

As you’ve all probably already noticed, we’re in the process of giving Chainge a well-deserved makeover. And it’s no coincidence that this update almost perfectly aligns with our 1 year anniversary. We went a looong way since then (430,000 users world-wide and almost $100M TVL in Liquidity Pools to be exact) and it’s time we matched our progress & new goals with our brand image.

Looking back and seeing our journey so far, we can’t help but feel proud and grateful for what we’ve accomplished together.

Chainge started out with a vision, some solid innovative tech powered by Fusion and a hand-full of people who visualised the future of DeFi and were willing to work 24/7 on making it happen. And just like that, the wheels started turning.

Let’s time-travel together 1 year into the past and watch Chainge’s first video

Where we are now: DeFi 2.0

  • Our current position in the DeFi space is as a full Defi 2.0 application or in other words the Home of Defi. We’ve accomplished this by resolving a few important issues that the DeFi 1.0 ecosystem was struggling with, such as: security, scalability, speed, interoperability, user experience, high gas fees and lack of diversity in terms of DeFi services.
  • Chainge is now the most inclusive financial-solution-oriented app in the DeFi space: setup a wallet on your phone instantly, send and receive assets with minimal costs involved, cross-chain roam 75+ assets among 13 chains, time-Frame and EARN, trade in the DEX: Spot, Futures & Options, write your own options, add liquidity in the Chainge DEX Pools and get passive income, Buy/sell any asset or service with the upcoming Decentralised Escrow — all of this while benefiting from the bullet proof security the DCRM tech ensures.
  • We still work 24/7 on perfecting and developing the Chainge app more and more as new possibilities and partnership opportunities arise. Which also implies we’re building a more business-ready, developer friendly structure and a better, stronger representation of our cross-chain innovation DNA.
Our progress so far

Where we are heading: DeFi 3.0

  • Chainge is now speeding ahead towards DeFi 3.0 - which aims to solve even more issues for users and offer a wide range of new financial solutions. Chainge will also further improve the visual and user experience until our app will be as easy and intuitive to use as your own e-mail.
  • These elements combined will give birth to a new dimension in people’s financial lives and create a new interface of the cryptoverse accessible to anyone, with no limitations and infinite possibilities.
  • In short, we’re redefining what self-banking means as we’re aiming to provide a comprehensive white label service as a basis for the upcoming digital world.

Before concluding, we want to make sure we address a key aspect regarding our progress so far and what’s to come next:

During this year we’ve seen projects come and go, we’ve seen uni-dimensional projects suddenly boom, while others were hacked or have disappointed their users in irreparable ways.

But our road is different.

Every inch of what we’ve built is as solid as it gets. We are years ahead of our competition — which does give us the luxury of having a long-term strategy. We prefer user security over an artificial pump. We’re not out for a quick win or making a buck. We value deep roots to build on instead of a fleeting moment of glory. We’re writing history. One code line at a time.


And while at this moment people have financial needs strongly tied to the physical world, served by traditional financial institutions; a new universe is emerging. The metaverse is opening up a whole array of financial needs we are just starting to discover. And this is what Chainge.Finance is targeting to serve:

We are developing the concept of SELFI -> self finance.

Assets owned in users’ self address -> Self Control

Users self initiate to create derivatives -> Self Create

Users build smart contracts to facilitate business transactions -> Self Manage

Our product will steadily continue its evolution into the era of the metaverse and beyond. While some projects preferred taking a shortcut, building on sand or making compromises, we chose to go the hard route and make sure that our product withstands the test of time, doesn’t crumble under the pressure of our competition’s innovation and actually delivers what we promised: an unstoppable DeFi revolution and a brand new self-finance multi-dimensional universe.

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Your own DeFi universe in one app. Powered by cross-chain magic.

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Chainge Finance

Chainge Finance

Your own DeFi universe in one app. Powered by cross-chain magic.

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