The Chainge DEX trilogy. Prepare to meet the future of DeFi

  • as of May 24th, all of the users on our waiting list (560k) can install the Chainge Android app, onboard and claim their tokens.
  • users can also access our Earn feature and Time-Frame their assets so they can instantaneously gain a very advantageous APY + CHNG rewards. You can read more about the Earn feature in this article
  • the ones who installed the app can also perform cross chain transactions in stealth mode, send and receive assets, use the magic button and more. You can find a comprehensive presentation of the app’s currently available features in the article here.
  • just a few days since the app testing started and we already have 90k users using the app and over 20 million tokens claimed.
  • furthermore, our Twitter Chaingers army is rapidly growing, having exceeded 65k followers.
  • we will also soon be launching the iOS version and CHNG will get listed on some centralised exchanges so stay tuned for our announcements.

The Spot DEX

  • User Experience: Leaving modesty aside, the Chainge DEX will have an exquisite user interface and aims to offer a pristine User Experience (which you’ve already got a taste of in the Chainge app). The operational flows will be smooth & easy to follow, with no obstacles and no hassle.
  • Custody: The Chainge DEX is non-custodial, which means traders don’t need to relinquish the control of private keys to transact. The trades self-execute through smart contracts. Centralized exchanges, by contrast, play the role of custodians for your funds by controlling your private keys.
  • Diversity: CEXs exercise control over the cryptocurrencies they will list, and will generally only list those with adequate trading activity, prevalence, and effective security standards to ensure profitability and legal compliance. The Chainge DEX will list a variety of coins and altcoins where P2P transactions can occur without high trading volumes. This provides users with a wider opportunity for engagement in digital assets and enhances financial inclusion.
  • Trustless Transactions: On CEXs, every transaction is overseen and recorded by a central authority: the exchange itself. Through smart contracts, the Chainge DEX executes trades and records them to the blockchain, enabling trustless transactions. And since the DEX does not hold your funds, they are not at risk of being targeted by hackers.
  • Low Fees: In the absence of an intermediary, DEXs use the same “gas” fee structure as the blockchain they’re built on. In our case, the Fusion blockchain (FSN). The DEX will charge a fee as low as 0.1% for exchanges.
  • Privacy: Traders using our DEX don’t need to disclose any information about themselves or their wallets and the DEX is not liable for the funds.
  • Cross-chain transactions: No matter what chain your assets are on, you will be able to exchange, send and receive assets and you will see your total asset balance on the Chainge app’s dashboard.

The Futures DEX

The Options DEX



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