The Chainge Options DEX is ready to roll!

Hey Chaingers, tomorrow we’ll be launching a new version of the Chainge app including the Options DEX and some significant new features:

  1. The DeFi Options Module: Any user will be able to write call and put options in a decentralised way for 37 assets.

2. We’ll also have a voice call OTP service in place so that any user can easily onboard the app.

3. Time framing CHNG to earn rewards. At the time of release, 500K FSN-CO will be available for users to earn along with FMN. First come first serve until the rewards run out, so make sure to act fast.

Eg: If you time frame 1000 CHNG now for example — when the feature appears, you will get around 50 FSN-CO and some FMN tokens. But of course the reward is dependent on WHEN you TF your CHNG.

4. GMT 12:00 — 500K FSN-CO with corresponding USDT will be added to the Options liquidity pool. Before trading please take your time DYOR and get yourself acquainted with the various uses of Options. Make sure to also check out the article below:

5. Options liquidity farming will be available with some great APYs you can find in the images below. You’ll be able to add liquidity for options to earn CHNG, trade options in the DEX and exercise options when you think the timing is right.

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