The new Chainge app version is live with the highest liquidity & best trading prices!

3 min readJun 8, 2022

The new version of the Chainge app is now live on both the Appstore and Playstore & includes one of the most important features we’ve launched so far:

1. The cross-chain liquidity aggregator

  • The Chainge DEX, powered by the Fusion DCRM tech, now aggregates liquidity from 20 top-liquid DEXs across 9 chains. And rest assured those numbers will keep growing.
  • The cross-chain liquidity aggregator guarantees users get the absolute best prices for their target pair swaps with one tap and minimal transaction time.
  • The cross-chain swap pathfinder algorithm helps users split orders not only between DEXs but also across chains, in order to find the best rates available
  • Any occurring slippage is updated in real time, thus ensuring top deals at any given moment

Use case

Swapping USDC for ETH

What happens in the backend?

  1. The Chainge DEX algorithm searches the local database containing all DEXs integrated across the supported chains for the USDC & ETH pair
  2. Chainge finds the DEXs with the lowest slippage rates for the specific pair and determines the most liquid chain(s) to transfer the assets to
  3. The assets are automatically sent to the target chain(s) and the pre-determined amount of USDC is split among the DEXs, then swapped
  4. The user receives the max amount of ETH he could possibly get for his USDC in a couple of minutes, outranking any other potential DEX involved in the operation

Main benefits

  • Users can directly buy any crypto asset from any DEX on any chain.
  • Users can swap without caring about the chain(s) their assets are on.
  • Users can rest assured they get the best trading price (as they have the SUM liquidity from over 20 top-liquid DEXs across 9 chains at their disposal)

with many more to be gradually added!

How is Chainge different from other DEXs and aggregators?

The most important differentiator when it comes to the Chainge Aggregated DEX is that it’s the only one that can split any transaction across multiple chains at the same time, as opposite from other solutions where a trade can only access liquidity across one single chain at a time. Keep in mind, multi-chain does NOT mean cross-chain aggregation.

2. New asset listings: 150 new assets

See the full list here:

3. Trading view

Users can now see charts for all assets charts + asset details.

4. Warnings & accessibility

  • Added slippage, maintenance and news warnings
  • Disabled chain-selection ability when a chain is down

5. Improved UX flow

Particularly when switching between beginner & expert mode

6. New filtering capabilities

Orders can now be filtered by type/status/date

Download the new version of the Chainge Finance app and enjoy the best swap rates for your trades!

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