Time-frame: Discover your future financial potential

Surpassing yet another milestone — 700.000 Chaingers on our waiting list — we thought it was a great time to share with you one of the most valuable features Chainge will offer:


This game-changer functionality is destined to bring a radical improvement to your financial life, as well as make a huge difference when it comes to financial planning.

You’re basically going to be able to make use of and apply your own financial forecasts at any given moment. Think of it as time traveling within the financial world if you like.

Time-Frame (TF) is a revolutionary, unique FUSION innovation unparalleled in traditional or digital finance that will definitely serve as a foundational component of cryptofinance. Chainge will be using this new technology to express value more accurately and allow you to better control your financial future & exploit the value of your wealth in time.

Time-Frame empowers all visionary Chaingers

But what does this mean?

The ‘time value of money’ fundamentally states that 1 USDT today will be worth more than 1 USDT in let’s say one year, because of its potential earning capacity. In an applied scenario, 1 USDT can be invested today in something like a Chainge deposit and it will earn the interest over the course of that one-year period. Thus, making that 1 USDT more valuable in the future.

Today, there are two essential parameters that define traditional transfers of value: Type and Quantity. Our innovative TF function creates a third parameter of value: ‘Time’.

Using the ‘Time-frame’ function, any value, say 10 BTC or 50 USDT, can be ‘split’ into defined periods, for example, from the present time until 6 months from now and from 6 months from now to infinity.

The model for a time-based value looks something like this: Quantity (Q), Value (V), Start time (T1) and End time (T2), (Q, V, T1, T2).

Value 1 — (10, BTC, 0 , 6 months)

Value 2 — (10, BTC, 6 months, ∞)

This translates into cases where owners wish to assign a purpose to a certain amount of wealth for a certain amount of time. This implies the owner will still safely possess the given value, while the user or trusted entity will have the right to use it for a fixed period before the usage rights are returned to the owner.

De facto, the ‘Owner’ will own the set value from time (T) until infinity (∞), whilst the ‘User’ will have access and usage rights to that value from time T to time T2, where T2 ≠∞. So as explained, this means that the ‘User’ does not really own this value during that time but only has the right to use it.

Time Framing will change the way you use your wealth

The possibilities TF opens up are infinite - through FUSION’s groundbreaking tech innovation

Chainge will enable its users to time-frame any assets such as BTC, ETH & others and then manage them through smart contracts — which ultimately leads to flawless business transactions or future financial arrangements that are not currently supported by any other blockchain.

The Time Frame functionality can also be used to generate any kind of financial derivates with just a few taps. Factorings, bonds, futures or bank acceptances will be fully replaced within a faster, more secure system that guarantees 100% safety & efficiency.

Centralised institutions will no longer be needed to endorse or implement future transactions because time framing will execute the necessary endorsements and operations in a decentralised way that automatically absolute customisation freedom and involves ZERO risk for the involved parties.

So, from smart contracts to deposits, investments or interest loans, this functionality will be able to cover such a wide array of operations (and in the future even assets such as rentals) that centralised guaranteed forms of payment can very well become extinct.

All in all, the ‘Time-Frame’ function enables complete security and automation across future value transfers that have never been possible in crypto-finance; which ultimately opens a new era in digital financial operations.

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