Time to celebrate our fantastic year together with a discount campaign!

Hi Chaingers, in order to celebrate a year full of surprises, we want to finish up with a bang and reward users and CHNG holders: Chainge will be releasing 88 ETH (aprox 352,000 USDT) to 23 lucky winners to buy at a 50% discount!

Campaign timing

Submissions: Dec 24th 9:00(UTC) — Jan 4th 00:00 (UTC)
Winners: announced in daily batches between Jan 1th-Jan 4th;
ETH distribution: will start on Jan 5th

Campaign rules

· Step 1: Scan the QR code below (using the magic button in the Chainge app) to add our official @CHNG account to your C-link contacts list.

· Step 2: Initiate one or multiple escrow smart contracts with @CHNG as a counterparty and add a collateral of 100CHNG for each of them — which represents the participation fee.

· Step 3: Once we accept the escrow, release the 100 CHNG to the @CHNG account and then check your LAST Tx hash which will be your ticket ID. You will need it later on.

How will the winners be chosen?

The first 20 winners who will be given the opportunity to buy 4 ETH at a 50% discount will be selected based on the 100 CHNG release tx hash numerical closeness to the hash of the first block produced by Ethereum after 0:00 (UTC) every day from Jan 1st to Jan 4th. We will compare the user’s LAST tx hash with the first tx hash of the first block produced by ethereum and if it’s the closest one in terms of numerical value then we have our winner.

The last 3 winners will be selected based on the highest number of participating tickets. The more tickets (and thus more escrow contracts you make with @CHNG), the better your chances of winning are.

The winners will be announced daily on the Chainge Twitter account as follows:

5 winners on January 1st
5 winners on January 2nd
5 winners on January 3rd
8 winners on January 4th

The ETH will be distributed as follows:

21 winners will be able to buy 4 ETH at a 50% discount
1 winner will be able to buy 3 ETH at a 50% discount
1 winner will be able to buy 1 ETH at a 50% discount

How will the lucky winners make the ETH purchase?

· The winners need to prepare enough USDT (50% of the ETH he won) + 100,000CHNG (to add as a performance bond in the Chainge app) before 10:00am UTC on Jan 5, 2022

· The @CHNG account will initiate an escrow smart contract (containing the ETH) with the winners and will ask for the 100,000 CHNG performance bond, starting January the 5th. The winner will have to accept the escrow invitation which will appear in their notifications tab. If the winner does not accept the contract within 48 hours, he/she will be disqualified and another winner will be announced.

Once the escrow contract is accepted by the winner, they have to send the USDT to the official @CHNG account and the ETH will be released to the user + the 100,000CHNG performance bond will be automatically returned to him as well.


a) You can only participate in the ETH 50% purchase campaign through the Chainge Escrow Smart Contracts module in the app. Half of all the ticket gains will be burned and announced.

b) In the process of creating an eligible escrow contract, make sure you put 100CHNG as collateral and choose that neither party requires a bond, we will only accept contracts that fully meet this requirement

c) Only 100CHNG can be put in escrow contract each time, more or less will not be accepted by the system.

d) Please MAKE SURE to check that you have added the correct “@CHNG” account in your Clink contacts to avoid being exposed to scams.

e) For a walkthrough on how to use the Chainge escrow check out the article here.

Best of luck!




Your own DeFi universe in one app. Powered by cross-chain magic. www.chainge.finance

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Chainge Finance

Your own DeFi universe in one app. Powered by cross-chain magic. www.chainge.finance

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