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3 min readDec 15, 2020

Bitcoin is laying the foundation of a whole new world right as we speak. A world with no intermediaries or centralized institutions where information and value will be free of all restraints and limitations. 10 years of BTC history slowly but surely turned it in digital “gold” — an unstoppable force heading straight up.

Nowadays, value is dictated either by demand or consensus. Demand gives value to things like food and housing while consensus offers it to non-essential resources such as gold, diamonds, oil or even fiat. The latter’s actual value stands in its recognition by the masses.

And the issuers of these resources dictate their increase in popularity using several means including governmental and military forces. This is also the case for Bitcoin. The more people and institutions recognize and concede on its value, the more it rises.

Other crypto currencies follow this same pattern. However, coins being a valid payment method for let’s say gas, could further create and increase their tangible value due to demand.

The problem arises when we consider where this demand comes from.

Mandatory need for payments? Making transactions?
How about concluding smart contracts?

Smart contracts have remained until recently, unexplored in terms of potential and intrinsic business value. Their sole usage was related to miscellaneous app development.

But DeFi brought smart contracts into the spotlight and uncovered their amazing business value.

Just think about the fact that all loan operations could be implemented and carried out through code. A simple, transparent and efficient way to manage the entire loan process would be available to anyone, while keeping an exceptionally low cost compared to current bank fees.

Taking a closer look at the ICO smart contract developed by Fusion (website here) reveals a coded automated finance service very similar to IPO. With over 13000 users and 72 mil USD worth of ETH over the hard cap automatically returned to participants; not one single server was run and human resources were a fraction of what traditional institutions employ. And still, we managed to carry out the IPO style ICO by simply deploying a smart contract. The total cost of the whole operation added up to a mere 5 ETH for gas.

This was made possible by decentralized, coded, and automated finance applied through smart contracts.

We are confident any type of financial service can be coded and automated. Thus, the entire financial system will run smoothly, with no boundaries or middlemen involved.

Fusion is especially designed to serve as the infrastructure behind it all. And Chainge will be the exclusive medium that empowers mass users so they can enjoy the whole range of benefits that come with digital, coded and automated finance.

With Chainge, anyone can be an independent digital/crypto bank-like entity, serving a worldwide network of users.

About Chainge

Chainge is the digital finance app that’s going to introduce the world to complete financial freedom. We provide bank level security, customised financial services, flawless automation, while offering top-notch user experience for masses.

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