Unveiling $XCHNG: A Blueprint for Sustainability and Growth

3 min readJan 27, 2024

As we’ve recently acquired “Chainge Finance” and rebranded to “Chainge”, — in addition to the extraordinary plans we have for the suite of products we’re in the process of building — today, we’re thrilled to have this article as a first introduction to a brand new token that aligns with our strategic initiatives

Why Coded Fi Chose Chainge:

We recognized the exceptional technology and vision of Chainge, making the decision to acquire this remarkable project an easy one. The incredible journey that Chainge has embarked upon aligns seamlessly with our mission to pioneer innovative DeFi solutions in the blockchain space.

Thus, A New Chapter Begins:

With immense excitement, we introduce the new governance token $XCHNG, a symbol of our commitment to innovation, sustainability, and community-driven governance.

The Why Behind $XCHNG

Our vision is to establish a unified crypto marketplace, developing an advanced product that evolves into a universal swap protocol for all tokens. To realise this vision, we acknowledge the imperative need to pivot towards a more DAO-oriented approach

Resource Allocation: With the $XCHNG token, we’ll ensure fair and clear distribution of resources, channeling investments and fostering ecosystem development and collaborations as needed.

Community Empowerment: $XCHNG will allow the community to actively participate in decision-making processes, ensuring their voices are heard regarding key developments and decisions while at the same time enhancing decentralization.

Long-Term Sustainability: By involving the community in governance decisions while allocation necessary growth funds, the project gains a more sustainable and resilient foundation.

Now without further ado, we present…

The $XCHNG Tokenomics & Allocation
Max supply: 1.2 billion

  1. DAO Preparation & User Benefits (60.83%): 730 million XCHNG tokens are allocated for distribution to CHNG holders and active users, considering factors such as current CHNG holdings, wallet usage, and transaction history. Furthermore, users engaging in active trading on the Chainge mobile app and the Chainge 2.0 web dApp will receive supplementary rewards.

The initial stage of our multi-phase token distribution program maintains a 1:1 ratio for current CHNG holders, ensuring a fair transition.

Circulating supply remains stable, and the existing price and liquidity in DEX are unaffected. With a meticulous allocation strategy, no one loses on their investment. Additionally, the introduction of $XCHNG brings a new era of stability. Looking forward, the current circulating supply remains unchanged. Any future expansion is contingent ONLY upon the approval of our DAO. This empowers the community, allowing active participation in decisions about new token circulation. Your influence is pivotal in shaping our ecosystem’s trajectory.

2. Ecosystem & Partnerships (5%): A pool of 60 million XCHNG (5%) will fortify our network for ecosystem building and partnerships.

3. Team & Advisors (15%): A prudent allocation of 180 million XCHNG (15%) is reserved for the team and advisors.

4. Public Blockchain Collaboration (5%): An allocation of 60 million XCHNG (5%) will facilitate partnerships with public blockchains.

6. Institutional Investment & Listings (14.17%): 170 million XCHNG (14.17%) will be reserved for future rounds of investment from institutional partners as well as CEX listings/partnerships

Utility and Governance: The XCHNG token will be acting as universal gas and means to receive the vXCHNG governance token for our forthcoming DAO.


In essence, $XCHNG represents our commitment to sustainability, user-centric growth, and the establishment of a decentralized autonomous organization. The new token is also meant to reflect the synergy between the exceptional journey of Chainge so far and the forward-thinking approach we have at Coded Fi.

Stay tuned for more updates on tokenomics, timing, and user-related actions. Your continued support is invaluable as we collectively shape the future of Chainge. Thank you!

Warm regards,
The Chainge Board




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