Why is the Chainge app a true revelation for the financial world?

Hi Chaingers, we’ve been getting a lot of questions lately regarding our features, how they work and how they empower its users. So, here are some of our most important features that differentiate us from other projects out there and offer infinite financial power to anyone, anywhere.

1. Cross-chain roaming — also known as the invisible cross-chain feature or cross-chain in stealth mode. This feature basically allows tokens to move between different chains in a decentralized manner. No matter what chain the assets are on they can go to whatever different chain users want them to go to within seconds. Thus, transferring assets from one chain to another is now easier than ever. The main benefit of this feature is you’ll get to save time and money when it comes to transferring your assets from one chain to the other.

2. The decentralized non-custodial Earn feature (through Time-Framing). This functionality is undoubtedly the world’s safest way to earn, the coins always remaining on the users‘ own address — scam exit-proof, and resistant to flash loan hacks. Obviously, the main benefits of this feature include: 100% security, flexibility, instant gain and great APYs. To find out more about our Earn feature & how you can maximise your profit check out the video below.

3. Decentralized exchange — or the Chainge DEX trio (Spot, Futures and Options) supporting both spot asset exchange and financial derivatives such as futures and options. The benefits here are endless ranging from 100% safety to flexibility, user experience and countless opportunities to increase your income.To find out more about de upcoming DEX, we recommend you read the detailed article available here.

4. Allowing users to write options in a decentralized way using the coins they have, then trading the options in the DEX and exercising them in a 100% decentralized way. This is another unique feature we provide simply because we want to bring financial power back in the hands of the people — where it belongs. Until now, only high-level traders and institutions could use these powerful financial tools, which were inaccessible to regular users. Main benefit: anyone has the power to easily operate a DEX that includes derivatives and increase their wealth.

5. Providing the most convenient and secure way to manage key phrases. After switching to expert mode, users can encrypt their seed phrase by generating a QR code. The QR code can then be imported into Chainge by using the Chainge magic button to scan and decrypt the code using their password. The generated QR code can be stored on cell phones and any other public cloud service where users could not have stored key phrases before due to security reasons. Main benefit: there is no danger of anyone else being able to decrypt your key phrase + you’ve got fast and easy access to it at all times.

⚠️ Before switching to expert mode, please don’t forget to transfer your assets and avoid the risk of losing them.

6. Providing a VERY low fee for transferring coins and tokens that usually require high gas fees. Users who transfer BTC, ETH, or other ERC20 tokens with high gas fees can choose to transfer tokens using Chainge (when the user and recipient are connected as friends in Chainge C-Link). The operation then only requires FSN as gas (around 0.0002USD per transaction), which is working like a layer 2 network. Benefits: Fast and very low cost.

And so, we conclude our short overview on some of the most amazing features Chainge has to offer and their never-seen before benefits. But Chaingers, don’t forget that this is just the beginning! We’ve got so many more incredible features in store for you and so many dreams that we will turn into reality. Our ultimate goal is for each and everyone of our users to become their own bank.

Stick by our side and let’s chainge the financial world together!

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