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The revolution has begun. In one week, Chainge managed to gather more than 55K users on the waiting list — a performance for which we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

This shows that the revolution of freedom that Chainge proposes manages to be a topic that more and more people resonate with.

But the road is long. This promising start urges us and motivates us even more to offer coded, automated financial services to anyone, anywhere. Freedom can take many forms. One of them, is Chainge.

Because we want our users to be as informed as possible about Chainge’s progress, we have gathered in this article the most frequently asked questions, for which we offer the answers below. It should be noted that not all questions have a very clear / straight to the point answer at this time (for reasons related to business and operations).

You can start the registration using this link.

I. Vision, Tech and Setup

I.1. 🤔 What’s the technology behind Chainge?

Chainge uses technologies such as:
- DCRM (Distributed Control Rights Management)
- TL (Time Locking)
- QS (Quantum Swap)
- USAN (Universal Short Account Number Universal Wallet and Global Short Account Number)
- SCT (Smart Contract Template) to allow users and companies to easily create financial derivatives or develop suitable products based on market needs and target demographics.

I.2. 🤔 Who are the founders of

The sole founder is DJ Qian, he’s also the co-founder of Anyswap, founder of Fusion, co-founder of Vechain, co-founder of QTUM, and CEO of Bitse.

I.3. 🤔 What is Chainge’s purpose?

Chainge is an application that basically allows anyone to be their own “Digital Bank”. Chainge’s goal is to achieve world-wide financial freedom. People will form a value interconnection with Chainge since whatever financial services they need, they can dynamically create them with a few taps.

For example, creating a smart contract with customized financial functions is a couple of clicks away, and carrying out financial transactions to serve both your personal life and your business is as simple as 1–2–3. With no intermediaries and no bureaucracy, Chainge is making Fusion’s tech accessible to anyone, so that automated financial code becomes the new norm.

I.4. 🤔 What is Chainge’s official business model?

Chainge will apply a 0.1% service fee in order to gain profit.

I.5. 🤔 What features will the app have?

You’ll be surprised. At the moment we can confidently say that we are going to offer all the cool functionalities you need to become your own digital bank. Of course, not everything will be available from the very beginning with v1. But our vision is clear and we aim to offer a full set of features in order to add value to your financial life, to your business and to your daily interactions.

You can find a good intro article on this topic here.

I.6. 🤔 Ok, but when will the application be out?

At this stage, we are aiming for launch in March. However, we have our own internal roadmaps and predictions, but we will make them public when we are comfortable with doing so.

The main aspects we follow is to make sure the application:

- offers instant value straight from the very beginning.
- is secure.
- is stable.
- is not full of bugs.
- is an application you can use to easily pay (more details to come), connect, earn and engage in banking activities from the comfort of your couch.

So we will only announce a preliminary date for the app launch when the time is right.

II. CHNG Token, Referrals, Waiting List

II.1. 🤔 What is the correlation between a point earned through referrals, social tasks and the CHNG token?

1 point = 1 CHNG token

II.2. 🤔 How many points (CHNG tokens) can I earn in total?

As much as you can. Just use your influential power on social media, refer people and get points. There is no limit to how many points you can earn. The more, the better.

II.3. 🤔 How many points can I get for referrals? How does the system work?

Here is a quick simulation we made for you to better understand the system.

For example:
If you refer 10 people and each of your referrals refers 1 friend and then each of your friend’s friend refers 1 friend, then you get a total of 140 points = 140 CHNG tokens.

A pro tip here is to make sure your first level of referrals are popular people. The more popular that person is, the more second level points (3 points) you get.

The whole logic of the points system is detailed within this article.

II.4. 🤔 I referred a friend, but I can’t see the 10 points for the referral in my account. Why is that?

When you refer someone, 2 things might occur and stop your points from showing up in your account balance:

A. Your referral used the referral link you sent, created an account, but hasn’t joined the waiting list yet. In that case, your referral points are not going to be visible in your account. Only after they join the waiting list will the 10 points be distributed to you.

B. You sent the link to your friend, but they went to another page and then got back to the initial page. In that case, the browser loses the referral code and if your friend joins, we will not be able to allocate you 10 points for the direct referral.

II.5. 🤔 Where does CHNG finally airdrop to?

After the app goes live, CHNG is airdropped into the wallet address of the app.

At a certain point in time, Chainge will buy back the destroyed CHNG using 25% of the profit, ensuring the value of the entire ecosystem and maintaining the market’s positive response.

At the same time, the official economic mapping of tokens released so far, tells us that the team project owner does not hold any tokens, so the team has no way of selling tokens to anyone, which gives CHNG a lot of room to develop.

II.6. 🤔 I love Chainge and I want to get involved even more. How can I do that?

Because we are always looking for creative/skilled people to get involved, we are working on a loyalty program that will provide you with the opportunity of engaging more. How? Let’s wait for the program’s official announcement and everything will be made clear then.

II.7. 🤔 I accumulated a lot of points, but I’m worried that the total final CHNG supply will be too high thus, the tokens’ price will be very low. How is Chainge going to manage that?

The market always sets the price and we cannot control that. However, what we can do is to make sure the product, the tokens and the full ecosystem become as valuable as possible.

While the entire token economy is explained here, we can assure you that:

a. The Chainge team is working diligently to build a top-notch ecosystem. We’re not aiming to distribute meaningless tokens. Our goal is to make them valuable, accessible and wanted.

b. Chainge, will use 25% of the profits to buy back and burn CHNG from DEX every quarter. This means that CHNG holders virtually hold 25% shares of Chainge, although CHNG holders do not receive any dividends. But, de facto, using 25% of the Chainge profit to buy back and burn tokens, implies that the holders share in the company’s success.

c. Use cases are always the core of what value represents. The more and better use cases there are, the higher the demand will be for an asset. Chainge app will take care of all that and provide access to coded, automated services, for anyone, anywhere. This is the basic principle of generating value.

II.8. 🤔 What is the total amount of CHNG available on the market?

The total amount of CHNG tokens will be ten times the amount distributed to the community during the Waiting List phase.

II.9. 🤔 I got 1,000 points. Do I have to do anything to convert them into CHNG tokens when the app launches?

You don’t have to do any swap or anything. We will do it for you. The whole functionality picture for the tokens will be provided later.

II.10. 🤔 Why does ranking matter?

Application versions will be available to users according to their rank. First come first served. We take the liberty to slightly adjust the model based on business and marketing considerations.

II.11. 🤔 What is the relationship between Chainge and FSN?

Chainge puts fusion’s technology to use by solving business problems, attracting users and increasing the demand for FSN. Chainge’s smart contracts will run using fusion and the app was built based on Fusion network’s infrastructure.

The price can be raised in one of two ways:
1. Hype (having only short-term effect) .
2. Wide usage (by millions of users)

II.12. 🤔 How to fill in the FSN address and how to use your wallet?

The address of FSN cannot be the address of an exchange, it has to be the address of your own wallet. Using and is recommended.

About Chainge

Chainge is the digital finance app that’s going to introduce the world to complete financial freedom. We provide bank level security, customised financial services, flawless automation, while offering a top-notch user experience for everyone.

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