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4 min readMay 6, 2021

In today’s world, being socially connected is one of the most important aspects of our lives (especially during these difficult times we are facing on a global scale). Social media and online networking have changed and improved our lives in the past couple of decades in ways we never even dreamed of.

However, our day to day lives involve a lot more than leisure/social interaction. Now more than ever, our actions and needs often imply finance. From buying and selling products & services to borrowing, lending, investing or donating, we all rely on our own monetary ecosystem to provide us with an optimal standard of living.

Business transactions as well as “leisure” transactions are a big part of what keeps this planet moving. Common circumstances such as sharing a cab, splitting a bill, raising money for a friend’s birthday or a family member’s Christmas present all require financial planning and logistics to a certain degree. The more people are involved, the more complicated it gets. Which is why it is essential that we have a reliable, secure & easily accessible support system to help us deal with any kind of financial operation quickly and head-ache free. And this is where the Chainge app comes in.

Our C-Link feature (along with the Magic Button) are meant to help build a new global digital network much like the social media platforms we all use today, but destined to ease & improve our business relationships as well as change the way we define & handle financial interactions with friends and family.

Now that our goals are clear, let’s take a quick look at the first (soon to be available) version of C-Link.

1. On your main Wealth screen, click the C-Link button on the bottom menu.
2. Your Contact list will be displayed. Long tap on a contact card and the quick actions will appear. If you want to exit the quick action tab all you have to do is tap anywhere outside of the card & actions area.
3. Once you’re back to the Contact list screen you can tap on any contact to see their contact details.
4. On the Contact details screen, you can scroll and the avatar will become faded. On the top right corner of the header ‘3 dots’ will appear which contain quick actions.
5. When tapping the ‘3 dots’, the quick actions will be displayed. To close the actions, simply click anywhere outside of that pop-up and you will return to the main Contact details tab.
6. On the main Contact details screen, click the back arrow to return to the Contacts list screen.
7. If you want to add a new contact just click the “+” icon on the top header. This action will open the Add a new contact screen.
8. Click on the search bar and type the username of the contact you want to add. You can then add them by tapping the “+” icon on the contact card. If you can’t find the person you are searching for, simply click anywhere outside of the search tab and you will return to the previous screen.
9. You can now try adding a contact with the QR code method by clicking the Scan QR Code button.
10. This action will open your camera, and you can go ahead and scan your friend’s QR code.
12. Your new contact will be added automatically and you’ll be sent to the New contact added confirmation screen.

In time, this innovative feature and its functions will be enhanced with more and more add-ons so that you can expand and make the best out of your financial network. For now, we proudly invite you to take the first steps into a financially linked era with C-Link.

Let’s get connected and see each other in the app!

If you’re also interested in finding out more about the Magic Button and its capabilities you can find an article we wrote about it here, the official video here and an article cointelegraph wrote here.

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