Full transparency: When will the Chainge app launch and what will it look like?

When will the Chainge app launch?

In April 2021. We already announced several times that the app launch will surely take place during this month. We are shooting for mid April (15th of April–30th of April) for the first 100 users on the waiting list and then we will gradually release the improved app versions in batches to everyone else, according to their waiting list rank. The exact launch date for the first 100 users is not a fixed one because it’s dependent on the fine tuning process. We will officially communicate the date when we are 100% sure that the app is meeting the testing, UX and development criteria we set.

Chainge holds very high standards when it comes to the quality of our work and we want to be absolutely certain that we will provide all Chaingers with a great user experience and fully functional features. Same goes for listing CHNG & FSN on different exchanges: we’re currently discussing with several exchange platforms and once we have rock solid confirmations we will let you know (on our official Telegram channel & twitter). This is once again a matter of sooner or later.

Why does it take so long to launch the app?

There’s no other way to put this: Launching a complex app such as Chainge, with so many groundbreaking functionalities takes time and a lot of work. When the core team will agree that the application is in optimal condition and ready to be tested, only then will we launch it. As we’ve previously mentioned, we are not out to please the ones looking for a quick win but the visionary users who see the unmet potential behind Chainge and wish to make use of it in order to truly change the financial world.

What happens after we release the test version of the app to the first 100 users?

The first 100 users will get to test the app and give us feedback regarding the app’s flow. We will start working on fixing the bugs they find while adding new features for the second version. The timing for the second version’s launch depends on how many bugs we find, how quickly they can be fixed and the overall performance of the app. Again, we can’t communicate an exact date on which everyone will have full access to the app but our prediction is for the month of May. Patience is key since you know what they say: “the best things are always worth waiting for”.

What features will be made available in the first version of the Chainge app?

Payments (send & receive) - You’ll be able to send, request and receive payments

Add contacts - You’ll be able to add friends from your phone’s contacts

Deposit to earn - You’ll be able to exponentially grow your wealth while earning CHNG tokens through the advantageous deposit to earn feature

Cross chain DEX (spot/future/options) - You’ll be able to exchange spot assets, time-framed assets and call/put option assets thus maximising your financial future.

A video dedicated to all of you who have been patiently waiting for the Chainge app

Status update on our progress

  1. New features such as the payments module have been successfully added
  2. Our DEX with Futures and Options will be absolutely unique in the crypto world and we are currently working on optimising their implementation
  3. The application’s UX is getting better by the day so using the app will be enjoyable and easy as pie
  4. Earning capabilities have been enabled within the app

To conclude, while our team is tirelessly working to ensure the best possible Chainge experience, we kindly ask you to be patient, to keep earning CHNG tokens through amplifiers and the deposit to earn & keep your eyes on the prize — which is revolutionising the entire financial ecosystem through the unprecedented Chainge functionalities sustained by the amazing power of Chaingers.

Thank you once more for being on our side in leading this world-wide phenomenon.


The Chainge Team

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