The Chainge app launch: most frequently asked questions

4 min readMay 19, 2021

Since a lot of you had the same questions we thought it would be easier to publish an article answering them all. If you have any other questions please feel free to address them in our global telegram channel

1. When will I have access to the app?

We are releasing the app in batches. We will release it to as many users as possible as soon as possible. Please follow our announcements. The app is currently available to the first 100.000 users on the waiting list.

2. Why can’t I access/download the app?

You are not part of the approved batch that were whitelisted, or you are not following the correct on-boarding steps.

3. Is the iOS version available?

Not yet. It’s in the internal testing phase. It will be ready soon. We will make an announcement when the time comes.

4. How can I claim my CHNG tokens?

  1. If u wanna use easy on-boarding go to Earn -> Waiting list -> Verify phone number -> Scan QR code -> get access to the app and have your CHNG tokens automatically transferred.
  2. If you on-boarded with your phone number (classic on-boarding) and you wanna claim your initial CHNG tokens on the website go to Earn -> Waiting list -> Verify phone number -> Scan QR code -> and have your CHNG tokens automatically transferred.
  3. If you on-boarded and claimed your initial CHNG token batch but earned more CHNG tokens, you have to go to the CHNG dropdown on the website in the top right corner (after signing in) and scan the claim token QR code and your not yet claimed CHNG tokens will be transferred automatically.

You can do this at any time. Each time you earn more CHNG tokens on the website (through amplifying and deposit to earn) you have to follow the same flow in order to claim them.

If you want to see the detailed explanations about the on-boarding methods and the video tutorials, check out this article here.

5. What can you do with your CHNG tokens after you claim and transfer them to your app wallet?

You can send them to one of your C-Link friends for now and you will soon be able to exchange them in the Chainge DEX or buy extra CHNG tokens from the centralised exchanges we will be listed on.

6. How can I get more CHNG if I can’t buy them from any exchange?

You can use the Earn (through time-framing) feature within the app to Time-frame your assets and instantly gain more CHNG tokens.

7. Why should I use the Earn feature and what benefits does it bring along?

Time-framing is basically assigning a purpose to a certain amount of wealth for a certain amount of time. This implies you — as the owner — will still safely possess the given value (back portion), while the smart contract — as the trusted entity — will have the right to use the front portion for a fixed predetermined period before returning it to you.

The front portion of your asset will go to the smart contract and you will instantaneously receive your TF asset reward (according to the great APY)+ CHNG reward (where applicable)

You can read more about time-framing in the article here

8. Can I send TL FSN to my Chainge wallet?

Yes you can BUT you need to make sure you send the back portion of your TL FSN in the Chainge app because if you send the front portion you risk losing it .

9. Why is the APY on the website different from the one in the app?

Because they’re not the same thing. One is a regular deposit to earn and in the app we have the earn through time-framing. Plus, in the app you also get CHNG rewards instantly as well as your profit.

10. Can I send a Time-Framed asset to an exchange?

No. because CEX exchanges don’t support time framed assets. But in our DEX you will be able to exchange TF assets to full assets (according to the available trading pair)

11. Can I send CHNG to an exchange?

Not yet. But you will, once we get listed.

12. What do “Expert mode” and “Beginner mode” within the app imply?

Beginner mode (recommended) means you don’t have to store your own seed phrase. It is encrypted and stored on the Chainge servers. In Expert mode you have the seed phrase and you are responsible for its safe keeping.

⚠️ IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please make sure to read the warning before using this functionality. You can lose your assets if you don’t transfer them before switching the account mode.

13. Who can i contact if I wanna report a bug?

Send them to @vlad_v1 & @oanna on Telegram, or fill in the BUG reporting form here :

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