🎉 Video/Article Contest winners!

Hey Chaingers, our video & article contest has now ended.

First of all, we would like to thank each and every one of you who participated in this competition. We were overwhelmed and surprised at how many submissions we had and we loved them all! But unfortunately, we had to do our best and pick our favourites and reward them accordingly.

This was an incredibly difficult task, which is why we decided instead of having 10 winners to add another 6.

Thus having a total of 16 winners!

We thought this would also be a great way to celebrate our DEX launch.

As mentioned in the contest announcement:

  • the top 2 winners will win 500 TF-USDT each
  • and the rest (now 14) will win 100 TF-USDT each

The top 2 winners will be announced tomorrow by the end of the day.

Video winners

1. Romario

language: Russian

2. Sarah

language: English

3. Superments

Language: Russian

4. Love to Ride

language: English

5. Supni Ahmad

language: English

6. Crypto In

language: English

7. Aldi Manurung

langugage: English

8. TripleCoin Official

language: Russian

9. Eugene Fifchikus

language: English

10. Blue Rose

language: English

Article & Walkthrough winners

  1. David Tuna

2. Patrick Ominisan

3. Andraw Nimalunnga

4. Everything Blockchain

5. Pulsa Coinku

6. Chainge Finance APAC

language: Chinese

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